How to choose the best lithium battery?

Our aim is to offer the BEST LiTHIUM BATTERY for every customer in terms of; size, system and price / cycle life. We focus on batteries for Yacht & RV, where it is the most complex when it comes to charging, protection and safety.

We have carefully analyzed various batteries and systems in the European market. Just a few years ago, there were very few options that suited boats. These options are still there but are very expensive and also have limitations such as battery height, poor LVP protection and poor charge regulation.

In recent years, there have been alternatives of 12V batteries with built-in electronics that function as a protection (PCM *) but also limit max current.

We sold this type of battery for smaller installations during the first years, which since 2020 have chosen to focus on the boat customization system.

The best seller is the Cell Pack that we have supplied to many sailors, but also to many other boats with demanding needs.

What has been missing, however, is a BMS that is adapted for boats. Because there was no BMS in the global market so we have developed a new system, MasterLi BMS.

Ambition to be the best on lithium battery for boats

We are very pleased to launch a completely new system and concept in the spring of 2020, which is the first in the world adapted for boats with built-in charge control and handling of starter battery.

Save money through simplified installation and get a more efficient MasterLi System without loss of power.

High demands for a safe system

For boats, there are extra high demands on the system for both safety and protection of the battery. All kind of protection and systems also involve a risk if the battery voltage suddenly cut off when the boat is in operation. Why we have focus on the system also being safe for boat and crew in event of blackout.

MasterLi BMS is developed with regard to boat and crew safety first in mind.

Connecting with smart features provides safety for boat & crew and also safe protection from the battery’s premature failure. We also offer manual and support for our customers, so that the installation of the lithium system becomes safe and easy.

Founder and owner of MasterLi AB, which operates BEST LiTHIUM BATTERY.com is Mikael Garton who has extensive practical experience of battery systems. With his own boat, Duplexity, all BMS and systems have been tested in real and tough conditions.

Mikael is graduated as electrical engineer and holding a BSc in Business Administration & Economics.



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