MasterLi BMS – 12/24

MasterLi BMS is designed to be the Best Lithium Battery System for all kind of 12/24 V applications. The BMS has advanced software, which is programmed with settings to manage LiFePO4 cells (only) and require no individual programming. MasterLi BMS offer a lot of very unique features, which create the safest and most reliable lithium battery system on the market.

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       Key Features MasterLi BMS 12/24

  • For 12 V, supports 4 cells LiFePO– Pre-setted no programming required
  • For 24 V, supports 8 cells LiFePO– Pre-setted no programming required
  • Central design: Protected cell terminals and no risk of short cut. No cell boards and provides high EMI and noise immunity
  • Intelligent cell balancing by high-performance processor
  • Temperature protection
    • Operating temperature -30° C to +55° C (BMS protects battery and disconnects >55° C).
    • Charging temperature +2° C to +45° C (BMS protects battery from charging <2° C and >45° C)
    • Temperature sensor on battery (1 thermistor). External expansion module of up to 16 thermistors on request (as option).
    • BMS unit is protected by two temperature sensors
  • High Voltage Protection, warning and disconnects charging (2 levels warning / 1 cut off)
  • Low Voltage Protection, warning and disconnects load (3 levels warning / 2 levels cut off)
  • Starter Battery Management (SBM)
  • Charger Management System (CMS)
  • Alternator Field Disconnect (AFD)
  • Output to manage both latching (bi-stable) and non-latching contactors
  • High quality epoxy coated Circuit Board (PCB) that protects circuits in harsh and humid conditions such as marine use
  • Dimension: 205 x 120 x 39 mm (W x L x H)

BMS Control

  • Connects to MasterLi BMS
  • Warning system on Control Panel alerts in three steps with LED and buzzer before LVP or extreme battery temperature turns off battery (= blackout which shut down autopilot and all other navigation).
  • Alerts ensure that no blackout occurs suddenly and unexpectedly, which becomes a dangerous situation for boat and crew.
  • MasterLi BMS is designed with regard to boat and crew safety first in mind. For this reason, BMS has built in noise filters to avoid false triggers that could otherwise shut down the battery.



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