MasterLi BMS – the Best Marine Lithium Battery System

               > Safest Low Voltage Protection (LVP) on the market

               > Zero standby power at LVP and storage

               > Never-Blackout thanks to advanced warning system

               > Increased capacity utilization by 50%

               > Starter Battery Management – Auto connects lead starter battery

               > Charge Management System on all chargers

               > Easy to install and no programming required


     MasterLi BMS 12/24    Advanced BMS developed for       Marine battery systems         12 V or 24 V

        Control Panel        Connect to MasterLi BMS and get optimum control of the Battery System   

   MasterLi BMS 48      Perfect for 48 V storage with LFP Lithium when safety and reliability comes first

        Battery Systems             BMS and Cell Pack as Lithium Battery Systems      12 / 24 V    

Battery System Comparison


MasterLi BMS vs Other

lithium battery system



Outlet 30% discount         

12 V Batteries,  40 – 150 Ah for smaller yachts and campers

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