Lithium Battery System

developed for Marine use

For yachts there are high requirements for the battery system to withstand Low Voltage Protection for a long time and also be able to handle starter battery, as well as be safe from blackout thanks to an advanced warning system.

The key component to create a safe and usable marine battery system is the MasterLi BMS, the first BMS on the market specifically developed for marine use.

In order to install the Best Lithium Battery System for your Yacht, you will need the following components:

  • MasterLi BMS
  • BMS Control Panel
  • Cell Pack  (i.e. battery cells) 
  • 2 x Relays
  • Main fuse

We also recommend to install a Battery Monitoring, which will calculate status of charge. Victron BMV712 can also be connected to MasterLi BMS and adjust individual settings.

Compared to other lithium battery system in the market, the MasterLi BMS is specifically developed for marine use and has the following advantages:

  • Safest Low Voltage Protection (LVP).
  • Zero standby power at LVP and storage.
  • Increased capacity utilization by 50% and never-blackout, thanks to advanced warning system.
  • Starter Battery Management (SBM) – connects lead starter battery when charging. The new feature we have invented makes it easy to connect wind and solar to both lithium and starter, but also other benefits. Not at least the starter will be integrated into the lithium system and managed by the BMS.
  • Charge Management System (CMS) on all chargers.
  • AFD to control Alternator and/or other chargers directly from BMS.
  • Output to manage both latching (bi-stable) and non-latching contactors.
  • High quality epoxy coated Circuit Board (PCB) that protects circuits in harsh and humid conditions such as marine use
  • Easy to install and no programming required

          Example of connection in a 12 V system

What is BMS?

A Battery Management System (BMS) protects the battery cells from too high or too low voltage and temperature as well as balancing of the battery cells, prolonging the service life and ensuring safer and more useful system.

Lithium battery technology has emerged for applications in Electric Vehicles (EV) and consumer products. In these areas only one (type of) charger is used. There are no starting battery, nor bow battery and rarely both charging and consumption at the same time.

All BMS for lithium battery on the market originate from EV and are not adapted for use in boats. 

MasterLi BMS is the first Lithium Battery Management System on the market that has been specifically developed to be fully adapted for boats and offer a lot of advantages.

MasterLi BMS manages the Charge Relay with several functions

  1. Controls as protection for high voltage and battery temperature when charging is not allowed.
  2. Controls as isolation / combination between Starter and lithium battery (SBM).
  3. Control of all chargers through the MasterLi Charge Management System (CMS).

During normal operation at battery status 10 – 90% (SOC) the Load relay will be closed and the Charge relay will be open to isolate the Starter / aux battery (see diagram above).

Flexibility to connect MasterLi BMS and can be adapted to all yachts

MasterLi BMS has an extra output (AFD) that can be connected to alternator or other charge controllers and safely disconnect. This feature is highly recommended for high performance alternators, which will be disconnected at Field side 2 seconds before Charge Relay open.

MasterLi BMS can operate Victron Multi charger/inverter by direct connection (no CAN interface required). Mastervolt Combi charger/inverter can also be connected but in different manner.



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